"There's a reason why the Smithsonian Channel has commissioned so many shows with The Biscuit Factory – Molly and Rob consistently produce wonderful, compelling programming that attracts audiences. You can rely on them to always bring a combination of great story telling and visual richness to their productions. And did I mention that The Biscuit Factory also excels in budget discipline and handling demanding subjects and clients? It's no exaggeration to say that The Biscuit Factory has made a significant contribution to the rapid growth and success of the Smithsonian Channel."

– David Royle, fmr. Chief Programming Officer and EVP, The Smithsonian Channel.

"When I was with Discovery and now with an independent media organization, The Biscuit Factory continues to be my go-to production company for our most important, most complex projects. Their production process starts with story-focused research and superb writing. From favelas in Brazil to rural areas in Southern Africa my experience with their field production is unsurpassed. Rob is like the Swiss-army knife of DPs. Whether it's a sit-down interview or run and gun cinema verité in a live situation, he has fresh ideas and executes with ease. Importantly for us, they create thoughtful content for international audiences – they can see beyond a North American lens. The Biscuit Factory consistently goes beyond what I thought was possible in a given budget and timeframe."

– Aric Noboa, Co-CEO and Executive Producer, Impact(Ed) International