Storytelling. Every production company website talks about it. Here’s what it means to us:

We start with the audience:

Who are we talking to? What do they already know? How far do we need or want them to travel from that point? How can our story bring them along?

We find the people in the story:

There’s a reason you can watch the moment NASA Mission Control finds out their rover landed on Mars over and over – sheer drama, triumph over long odds, the very real chance of failure. Human stories make accomplishments more amazing, needs more urgent, the long-dead relevant and the well-known approachable.

We take stock of the toolbox:

What exists? What do we need? What is time-sensitive? How can we pull together the best team? What should we film and who should we talk to?

We research:

Sometimes projects come with built-in experts, sometimes we seek out new voices. We frequently engage in new scholarship, revising and finding the truth in old stories. We emphasize diverse voices, untold stories and a search for meaning for a modern audience. We get the facts right.

We production design:

Whether it’s designing the look of an interview planning a historical recreation or developing a graphics package we create a visual world that supports the story we are telling. We’d rather drag antique couches into every location for our interviews to sit on, than use a generic setting that isn’t elevating the story.

We get the tone right:

Whether it’s our feature doc “Written Off” about one man’s journey into opioids, interviewing family members who have lost their loved ones in 9/11, or directing recreated scenes of slavery – we take the trust our subjects give us seriously and represent them with dignity.

We shoot:

We are known for the breadth of our filming experience – old-school natural history expedition shoots in Papua New Guinea, Mongolia and remote parts of Africa, meticulous historical recreations, museum objects and fine art conservation, narrative feature and short films, multi-camera live events, lean and mean doc shooting, celebrity hosts - we’ve even done Puppy Bowl.

We collaborate:

We are filmmaking experts, our clients are often content experts. It’s the collaboration between us that makes world-class signature films.