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Rob Lyall


ROB LYALL is an award-winning Director of Photography who creates stunning images for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, HBO Original Films, Smithsonian Channel, The History Channel, BBC, and many others. Rob is a seasoned, dynamic, and innovative cinematographer, who has worked in all corners of the world. With over twenty years of experience in feature film, commercial, documentary, and broadcast production, his signature visual storytelling emphasizes a fusion of slick, high-end, commercial production with the organic and innovative world of documentary filmmaking. Rob has worked on series such as National Geographic’s Explorer, Discovery Channel’s Extreme Engineering, PBS’ NOVA, The History Channel’s Sherman’s March and The Duel, with Richard Dreyfuss, as well as short form and feature length projects like the Academy Award-nominated film Spellbound. Recent productions include USS Indianapolis: LIVE FROM THE DEEP on PBS, a Paul Allen deep-sea expedition documenting the team’s discovery of the USS Indianapolis and underwater surveys of the wreck, and a global aerial project for National Geographic and Disney +. Rob is a founding partner and Executive Producer at The Biscuit Factory and has multiple Emmy award nominations.


MOLLY HERMANN is a producer, director, and writer whose documentary work spans genres, continents, and centuries. Over the past 25 years, Molly has created award-winning work for PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Science and BBC America.  By racecar, biplane, camel, boat, barge, helicopter and muddy boots, her work has taken her to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the floor of the NYSE, the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Grand Canal in Venice, a dozen National Parks, the tower of an Istanbul mosque at sunset and many places in between.  She's worked closely with historians and tribal members to produce and direct recreations of Lincoln's assassination, the First Thanksgiving, the Battle of Little Bighorn, and the Civil War.  She's done hundreds of interviews, from celebrities to experts to regular folks, always seeking out the human stories that connect us all. 


Molly received the CINE Awards Special Jury Prize for the Smithsonian Channel program "9/11: Stories in Fragments" and an Emmy nomination for "Jefferson's Secret Bible," both produced in collaboration with the National Museum of American History. In 2016 Molly participated in a St. Georges House Consultation at Windsor Castle on using media for social good and, as a direct result, executive produced "Shaina" a girl-power feature film designed to improve health outcomes for young women in Southern Africa, filmed on location in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Molly also wrote and directed the award-winning independent feature documentary "Written Off" based on the personal journals of a young man struggling with opioid addiction and, recently, the film "One Pill Can Kill" about the dangers of fentanyl for high school students.  She recently directed, executive produced and narrated The Biscuit Factory's latest series, "CSI on Trial" streaming on CuriosityStream looks at the science -or lack thereof- behind forensic disciplines. She also hosted a companion podcast for iHeartMedia.

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The Biscuit Factory

The Biscuit Factory is an award-winning, full-service documentary production company specializing in factual programming for broadcast, marketing, education, new media and brand content for a global audience. Encompassing everything from issue-related social campaigns, to documentary films, to large scale outreach, our work is known for making the distant past relevant, the complicated cool, and finding the “heart” in the story. We discover what makes people tick and bring those passions to the screen with rich, cinematic craftsmanship. Molly Hermann is a director that elicits great performances from A-listers and real people alike and a scriptwriter who writes the way that people talk and think. Rob Lyall’s celebrated cinematography and lighting is a Biscuit Factory calling card. Working as a team over the last 15 years, they’ve fine-tuned their innovative approach and created scores of powerful, award-winning projects.

Our extensive experience in expedition production, including offshore, aerial, underwater and climbing work, has taken us to the corners of the globe. From arctic icebergs to Olympic ice, we dedicate ourselves to stories that inform, capture the imagination and celebrate the people behind the scenes.

Since forming in 2007, The Biscuit Factory's work has aired on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Networks, PBS, and been featured in the Smithsonian museums. Our non-broadcast clients include Proctor & Gamble, National Geographic Education, the NRDC, the National Park Service, The Phillips Collection, TIAA-CREFF and the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation.

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