Years ago we were filming with a family in a small village in Kenya for a clean water project.  The mother asked us for help.  While there are many ways to directly impact the lives of people in need, we had a unique opportunity: We had the means, we had a direct connection to someone we could help, and we had contacts on the ground in Kenya who could help us make it happen.  We put her daughter Marion through college.

Word gets around.  Now we have a volunteer project coordinator (Jared!), a pipeline of contacts to physically bring laptops for our students from the US to Kenya, and a small list of girls like Marion, who have a shot at a college education and a chance to give back to their communities.  

The operation is simple.  We’re paying tuition fees via wire directly to the universities, and sending support for books, supplies, and laptops to the students.   It’s growing, and we don’t want to say no. So in addition to devoting some of The Biscuit Factory’s resources to this effort - we’re asking for some help.  Anything at all makes a difference.

We’re putting six girls in Kenya though college.  Who is in?

Thanks in advance - Rob & Molly


Kisumu Girls Educaton Project

Some of our students!